Meet the Oxford Shoe

Characterized by its closed lacing style, the oxford is an elegant, classic, timeless style suitable for any occasion. The oxford is a staple shoe in any man’s wardrobe and can be dressed up or down. Sole units (different Options available under Get Inspired) are Blake stitched to uppers.


How to wear them?

The undoubted way to wear Oxford shoes is with a suits. Their simple style fits in with evry outfit and finishes off the formal look or dress down look perfectly well. For casual options work around with  other colors and looks, as this will give you more options to be more creative. Brown, tan, sand and taupe are all versatile shades, allowing you to mix up your outfitted style. If you switch from leather to a pair of suede Oxfords, then the outfit immediately becomes more casual. On top of that, you could exchange the classic leather sole for one of our more casual looking rubber soles.